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Graham Roberts Rally Team UK

After 45 years of rallying, I've seen the light.

The balance between money and enjoyment. After running the Subaru for 3 years, you sit back, take stock and realise how much money you have spent on it, it's frightening. But I enjoyed every minute (until it went wrong!).

During the last year I owned the car, it cost me more that I had paid for it.

The past two and a half years have been difficult. But in December I decided that I had to get another car. Rallying is my passion. But with a limited budget, what do you go for?

Then I thought that MGZR has to be the right choice. I can buy a complete car for spares for half the price of a shocker or driveshaft for the Subaru.

Luckily I have found an MGZR 1.8 160 Rally 1st car. Virtually standard but with an ECU upgrade to approx. 170bhp. A lot quicker than a 1.4, but probably in the wrong class for results. The car is quick and it feels great to be back behind the wheel again. I have learnt I have to just get out and have fun, but without remortgaging the house.

Having had an MGZR before, I know they handle and they go well. I am very pleased with my choice and can't wait to get out there again. I drove it down the road yesterday and when I came back my hands were shaking (A good sign).

The car is going to be resprayed Hyundai WRC blue and in the future will have the mark 2 panels fitted.

Anybody looking to navigate, please give me a call on 07971603634.

Looking forward to the Jim Clarke rally coming back.

I'll keep you all posted.